Thulsa Doom was a frequent foe of Conan and Kull. Seemingly immortal, he would be resurrected whenever he died. Thulsa was finally defeated when his skull and body were separated, not just through space, but time as well.[citation needed]

He claims to have experienced his first death before the continent of Atlantis first rose from the ocean.[citation needed]
Thulsa Doom (Earth-616) as Ardyon

as Ardyon, King of Valusia

He briefly replaced Kull as King of Valusian under the mortal guise of Ardyon.[1]


He is a powerful sorcerer. One of his most notable powers is shapeshifting, allowing him to claim various identities. Often impersonating someone else.


He was able to hold his own in a sword fight against Conan or Kull.

  • May have served as the inspiration of He-Man's Skeletor.
  • It is speculated, but unconfirmed, that Thulsa Doom may have a connection to Victor von Doom. This is only because they have the same last name. Thulsa was originally created by Robert E. Howard for his Kull stories, completely independent of Marvel ownership.
  • Thulsa Doom was featured as the main villain in the 1982 Conan the Barbarian film, played by James Earl Jones, but in the film, his appearance was more similar to that of Thoth-Amon.

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