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Thug is a member of the otherdimensional bounty hunting group known as the Technet. Although he left the team temporarily after their riches were stolen by a family of Berserker Pirates, he returned to the group.

Thug accompanied Gatecrasher and the rest of the Technet to Earth first to hunt down the otherdimensional counterpart of Captain Britain known as Kaptain Briton, and later to capture the mutant Rachel Summers (Earth-811), then known as Phoenix. Both assignments were undertaken on behalf of Saturnyne. After they failed in the second assignment, the team based themselves on a disused pier in Brighton, England.


Thug possesses superhuman durability and strength to an unknown degree.


Thug is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant.

Strength level

Thug is superhumanly strong, but it is not known to what degree.

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