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Thor Vol 2 80


Thor Vol 2 80

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Quote1 a... a... a... Avengers... assemble... Quote2
-- Thor

Appearing in "Ragnarok, Part the First"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Ragnarok, Part the First"Edit

Thor has reset the timeline, remerging himself with Jake Olson to regain his humanity. Loki is looking for the forge that created Mjolnir and finds it in the possession of the dwarves. He takes it and Surtur creates multiple hammers like Mjolnir. And even though they are not as powerful, there are more of them. With them, Loki attacks. Riding Naglfar, he succeeds in killing just about everyone, except Thor. Thor crashes through the dimensional barrier to seek the aid of his former allies - The Avengers.

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