Quote1 He's reallocating the world's resources in a fair and responsible manner. But that isn't what worries you most. He's removed dictators -- involved himself in politics, and you're afraid he'll come after you next. You're right. He will. I know this for a fact. Quote2
-- Zarrko

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Zarrko and a representitive of the government meet in the New Mexico desert to plan the removal of Thor and Asgard. In the Rain Forest, Thor Girl and several Asgardians prevent the continued deforestation, and pay the workers in gold, enough to last them a lifetime. But the Asgardians are attacked by soldiers who don't want their interferrence anymore. Perrikus and Adva attack Asgard with the intention of killing Thor, and as agreed, Perrikus then gets the rule of Asgard as long as he moves it away from Earth. But using the Bloodaxe, Thor takes Perrikus' right arm off, and then forces him to reveal who sent him. Thor then goes to Earth and captures Zarrko and tells him that he shall spend the rest of his life in the darkest prison in Asgard.

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