Quote1 Prepare yourselves. For now, I summon... the end. Quote2
-- Thanos

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  • Thanos' ship

Synopsis for "Tears for the Fallen"Edit

Firelord, Thor, and the Recorder are still one step behind Thanos. But Firelord manages to locate them by searching for the essence of the Illumination Stone. Thor then transports them there. Thanos, Tarakis, and Mangog have captured the Designate, and are aboard Thanos' ship heading to where they can create the most destruction. In the Kingdom of the Trolls, Balder returns with Jagrfelm, who wants Odin to make him the master of a hidden item in his sack. Odin does so, and Jagrfelm begins work forging weapons. The heroes have arrived on the same planet as Thanos shortly after their arrival, and the battle is joined. Tarakis assumes his true form, and battle Firelord, while Thor attacks Mangog. But Tarakis encases Firelord in endless ice, while an annoyed Thanos shatters the Recorder. Thor is momentarily distracted by the Designate in trying to get her to safety, that Mangog recovers and begins pounding on Thor relentlessly. Mangog finally renders Thor unconscious, leaving no one left to stop Thanos from unleashing endless death.

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