Quote1 My master demands the Chalice! E'en though I must tear it from thy being -- 'tis the Chalice Mangog shall have! Quote2
-- Mangog

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In Memorial Hospital, Hannah and Demitrius are talking about the possibility of Jake being innocent, when they seem him trying to suffocate Brady on a monitor. Jane runs by calling for a crash cart, and they bust into Brady's room, to find Jake gone, and Brady still alive. On the rooftop, Jake is standing on the edge, with Loki controlling him like a puppet.

In Asgard, ever-vigilant Heimdall hears someone approaching, and is happy to see Thor and Odin appear, with the Enchanters their prisoners. Balder and Sif arrive, and they force Magnir to tell them how Enrakt came to possess the body of Ceranda. He tells them that Enrakt was the youngest of them all, and being left alone, he burned for vengeance. In his quest, he discovered the dimension where Ceranda and Thor were[1], and using the last bit of power he had, entered Mjolnir to become it's new master. But leaving his body alone, it died without his spirit. After Ceranda died, and Thor left that dimension, Enrakt split his essence, half inside Mjolnir, the other half entered Ceranda's corpse, so that he might have a body again. After learning the truth, Odin banishes them to the Lost Limbo of Infinity once again. But Thor is still heartbroken that someone he cared for was used like that, and Sif asks him if between Ceranda and Hannah, is his love for her still intact, but he has no answer.

Back on Earth in Soho, Jane and Hannah are going to Jake's apartment. Hannah says that she's going to water Jake's plants one last time, then she is kicking him out of her life forever. She can't allow a murderer into her daughter's life, only to discover Jake inside when they get there. Jake tells them that it's all a big misunderstanding, and kisses Hannah, when a gust of wind comes up and Thor arrives. Thor is the most confused of all at finding Jake Olson there, and Jake runs off. Thor gives chase, only to find Jake gone, transported away by the magic of Loki.

In the Kingdom of the Trolls, Ulik arrives at Orikal's request to speak with him, and Orikal tell him that He is near. He is not near, he is already there, smashing Ulik aside, and punching his fist into Orikal and pulling out the Chalice of Ruins for his master, Mangog is victorious. Mangog then kneels and presents the Chalice to his shadowed master.

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