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in: Comics, 1994, 1994, October Modern-Age, Thor Vol 1, Tom DeFalco/Editor-in-Chief, M.C. Wyman/Cover Artist, Roy Thomas/Writer, M.C. Wyman/Penciler, Mike DeCarlo/Inker, Ovi Hondru/Colourist, Phil Felix/Letterer, Thor Odinson (Earth-616)/Appearances, Odin Borson (Earth-616)/Appearances, Freyja Freyrdottir (Earth-616)/Appearances, Sif (Earth-616)/Appearances, Warriors Three (Earth-616)/Appearances, Fandral (Earth-616)/Appearances, Hogun (Earth-616)/Appearances, Volstagg (Earth-616)/Appearances, Sigyn (Earth-616)/Appearances, Volla (Earth-616)/Appearances, Gondolff (Asgardian) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Roger Norvell (Earth-616)/Appearances, Beta Ray Bill (Earth-616)/Appearances, Herbert Wyndham (Earth-616)/Appearances, New Men/Appearances, Hercules (Earth-616)/Appearances, Heimdall (Earth-616)/Appearances, Loki Laufeyson (Earth-616)/Appearances, Hyrm (Earth-616)/Appearances, Kronans/Appearances, Artur Zarrko (Earth-6297)/Appearances, Trolls of the Nine Worlds/Appearances, Giants of Jotunheim/Appearances, Sand Devil (Earth-616)/Appearances, Demons/Mentions, Donald Blake (Earth-616)/Appearances, Jane Foster (Earth-616)/Appearances, Keith Kincaid (Earth-616)/Appearances, Sleipnir (Earth-616)/Appearances, Asgardians/Appearances, Vanir (Gods)/Appearances, Frost Giants/Appearances, Homo sapiens/Appearances, Korbinites/Appearances, Asgard (Realm)/Appearances, Asgard (City)/Appearances, Ringsfjord/Appearances, Bifrost/Appearances, Minnesota/Appearances, Mjolnir/Appearances, Stormbreaker/Appearances

Thor Vol 1 479


Thor Vol 1 479

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Synopsis for "This Mortal Coil"Edit

Odin tells Thor the full story of Don Blake. Odin had been given a vision by Volla, that if Thor remained in Asgard, he would die before Ragnarok. So he chose Don Blake and placed Thor’s essence in him. Then when the time came on that trip to Norway, Odin removed Thor’s essence and spirited Blake away to Wundagore. Thor now understand’s his father’s motives, and there is something of a reconciliation between father and son. Odin will no longer command him to go or stay, so Thor returns to Earth, while Beta Ray Bill and Red Norvell stay in Asgard.

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