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Thor Vol 1 394


Thor Vol 1 394

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Appearing in "...And How Shall Mortals Know Ye?"Edit

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Synopsis for "...And How Shall Mortals Know Ye?"Edit

Maddie Arnstein is given the task to rewrite a Thor movie script, and she goes digging in the past for the story.

Madelyn Arnstein (Earth-616) 0001

Maddy Arnstein

After meeting with several people who had known Thor, she decides to write a story about a fictional police officer, Kelly Hernandez — whom she imagines with her own face. Hernandez meets Thor while both of them were fighting the same criminals...

Thor Vol 1 394 022

Kelly Hernandez

Hernandez then starts a tumultuous, sentimental relationship with Thor (and improves her own weaponry considerably), but she finds herself unable to join Thor in the legendary Asgard, leaving her homeworld, Earth, behind. This ends their relationship with tears.

Movie Thor from Thor 394

Thor and Hernandez.

While the producers enjoy Arnstein's script, they decide to greenlight a parallel Thor project instead: A saturday morning cartoon for TV featuring Thor as a dog.

Thor Vol 1 394 025

Dog of Thunder.

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  1. Actor playing Thor in a movie.
  2. Director of the Thor movie.
  3. Producer of the Thor movie.
  4. Assistant to Simon Anderson, tasked to re-write the Thor script.
  5. Volunteer that went to San Diablo and one of the first people to ever see Thor. JIM #84
  6. Woman in park with her boyfriend that Thor told them he was in love with Jane. JIM #107

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