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Thor Vol 1 390


Thor Vol 1 390

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Quote1 When you first spoke to me about your problems, I had doubts...about you. They were quickly erased...when you lifted Mjolnir...for only a man or god worthy -- pure of heart and noble of mind -- could have done so! ... A sacred bond unites all those who have e'er been privileged to wield Mjolnir! A bond which stretches far into infinity! I salute you, Captain! Quote2
-- Thor

Appearing in "The Hero and the Hammer!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Hero and the Hammer!"Edit

Thor arrives on Hydrobase, and learns of the many changes to the Avengers. Asgard is once again attacked by Seth’s legions, while Grog and more Demons of Death attack Thor and the Captain. During the battle, the Captain lifts Mjolnir and sends it back to Thor’s grasp. Thor then easily defeats Grog and the soldiers, sending them back through the gate.

Cover is a homage to Avengers #4 and it has the same style to Avengers #300.

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