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Thor Vol 1 377


Thor Vol 1 377

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Quote1 By the beard of Odin! They have grown large! Quote2
-- Loki

Appearing in "This Hollowed Armor!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Doctor Calley
  • Mr. Braedon
  • Schlonsky
  • Kevin
  • Mick



Synopsis for "This Hollowed Armor!"Edit

In Svartalfheim, the Dark Elves are blown back by a series of explosions. Using the Mirror of Finvarra, they view a figure on Earth forging enchanted steel. A few days earlier, Thor is recovering in Roosevelt Hospital, and is told by Doctor Caley that he will need six to eight weeks rest. Thor tells him that his enemies know he's hurt and will destroy the hospital to get at him. He checks himself out, and heads to Damascus Steel, where he reforged Mjolnir years earlier. He "rents" the foundry from Mr Braedon, and there begins his forging. But he is attacked by Grendell and the Dark Elves before he can finish. In Asgard, Loki uses a device to kidnap Iceman in his plans to renew the Frost Giants. Elsewhere, the gods begin to grow feverish and collapse one by one. Back in the steel mill, Grendell and the Dark Elves prove too much for the weakened Thor. But before the final blow can be struck, Thor is saved by Loki. He wants to prolong his suffering for his own enjoyment. But Loki now has another problem. The Frost Giants have grown enormous, and they want more of the cold from Iceman.

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