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Thor Vol 1 355


Thor Vol 1 355

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Quote1 And now, he has a warrior's soul, young and proud. So like his father. But I would expect no less...from my great-grandson. May he walk in honor. Quote2
-- Tiwaz

Appearing in "The Icy Hearts"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Icy Hearts"Edit

Thor awakens to find himself in the home of a gigantic man, and the ice sculptures that serve him. Back on Earth, Bill, Sif, and the Warriors Three walk around Earth while the GLF attacks. Thor thinks his host is Odin, but Tiwaz proves that he is not him. Tiwaz helps heal Thor's spirit and sends him on his way to help guide Frigga and the children home. Meanwhile, Loki convinces Lorelei to help him in his quest for the throne.

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