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Thor Vol 1 271


Thor Vol 1 271

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Appearing in "...Like a Diamond in the Sky!"Edit

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Synopsis for "...Like a Diamond in the Sky!"Edit

Thor, along with the Avengers and Nick Fury with SHIELD are planning to take out FAUST. Thor and Iron Man transport inside FAUST, while the rest of the heroes prepare Project 13 in case they fail. Thor and Iron Man begin to be assaulted by the multiple defenses of FAUST. FAUST reveals that it has absorbed the contents and properties of the chest that was stolen by Stilt-Man, and, if they attack, it will fire a laser designed to destroy New York. Then Iron Man has figured it out and attacks. The laser blast disperses harmlessly in the sky and FAUST begins to self-destruct. Iron Man reveals that Thor's lightning changed the properties of the chest, so that when FAUST absorbed it, it unwittingly altered its own structure to no longer be adamantium.

  • This issue will be reprinted in the trade Thor: Gods & Guardians.

So Long Len from Thor 271

"So long, Len"

  • Len Wein's last issue as a writer of this series, having started in Thor #242 (December 1975). In the last panel, the text "So long Len—good luck" can be seen in the front of a background building.

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