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Thor Vol 1 259


Thor Vol 1 259

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Appearing in "Escape Into Oblivion!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Escape Into Oblivion!"Edit

The Grey Gargoyle has come to free the Asgardians because he needs their help. He tells how he became captain after killing the prior captain. The Grey Gargoyle is tired of the aliens and just wants to go home. In Asgard, the Enchantress and the Executioner tell Balder to surrender or be destroyed. Back on the Bird of Prey, the Grey Gargoyle has the Asgardian prisoners brought up and then calls upon them to attack, but the pirate crew is ready for them. But then, Gormok leads the rest of the slaves in an attack. During the battle, the Grey Gargoyle attempts to sneak off in a shuttle, but Fee-Lon follows him. Their battle launches the shuttle, but the Grey Gargoyle accidentally turns the controls to stone which causes the ship to explode, leaving the Bird of Prey under the control of Gormok and the former slaves.

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See AlsoEdit

  • Grey Gargoyle previously appeared last issue and will appear next in Avengers #190.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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