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in: Comics, 1973, 1973, May Bronze-Age, Thor Vol 1, Roy Thomas/Editor-in-Chief, John Buscema/Cover Artist, Morrie Kuramoto/Cover Artist, Gerry Conway/Writer, John Buscema/Penciler, Don Perlin/Penciler, Vincent Joseph Colletta/Inker, Petra Scotese/Colourist, Artie Simek/Letterer, Roy Thomas/Editor, Fandral (Earth-616)/Quotes, Volstagg (Earth-616)/Quotes, Hogun (Earth-616)/Quotes, Thor Odinson (Earth-616)/Appearances, Warriors Three (Earth-616)/Appearances, Fandral (Earth-616)/Appearances, Hogun (Earth-616)/Appearances, Volstagg (Earth-616)/Appearances, Rock Trolls/Appearances, Geirrodur (Earth-616)/Appearances, Tyborr (Earth-616)/Appearances, Tyg'r (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ulik (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ulla (Earth-616)/Appearances, U-Slyn (Earth-616)/Appearances, Silas Grant (Earth-616)/Appearances, Tana Nile (Earth-616)/Appearances, New York City Police Department (Earth-616)/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, New York State/Appearances, Manhattan/Appearances, Avengers Mansion/Appearances, Mjolnir/Appearances, Stasis Gun (Rigellian)/Appearances, Uru/Appearances

Thor Vol 1 211


Thor Vol 1 211

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Fandral (Earth-616)
Fandral the Fleet
And thou shalt battle beside us this time, Great Mouth -- Not behind us as ere before!
Conversation Tail

Voluminous Volstagg
Verily thou dost insult me!
Conversation Tail

Verily, thou art a great weight!
Conversation Tail

Appearing in "The End of the Battle!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The End of the Battle!"Edit

Thor manages to grab Mjolnir before 60 seconds are up. Meanwhile, Ulik and his army of trolls attack the surface. Thor and the other earth-bound heroes try to stop them. They manage to defeat them and send them back to their caves, but Fandral tells Thor that Balder has gone mad.

  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1296-Z.
  • This issue contains a letters page, The Hammer Strikes. Letters are published from Kim "Howard" Johnson, Les Baptiste, Matt howarth, and R.J. Bedard.

  • The Mighty Thor is abducted to Ulik's underground lair last issue in North Korea. However, they both emerge in Manhattan. That is a bit of a geographic stretch in this editor's opinion.

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