Quote1 And again I swear-- By the evil that doth sustain me-- When freedom comes to Loki-- Then shall everlasting defeat come to the accursed Thor! Quote2
-- Loki

Appearing in "The Wrath of Odin!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Wrath of Odin!"Edit

Continued from last issue...

Thor has broken free of the hypnosis put under him by the Ringmaster while he is in the middle of helping the Circus of Crime steal a golden statue of a bull. With the police firing at him and Princess Python pinned under the the dropped statue, Thor quickly lifts the bull up again and then puts it back where it belongs. In spite of Thor's actions he is still placed under arrest.

Hysterical, Princess Python tells the police that Thor isn't to blame and that he was hypnotized by the Ringmaster. When the police refuse to listen, Princess Python escapes and tries to talk Ringmaster into helping Thor, however the Circus of Crime is set to flee the scene to avoid arrest themselves, and Princess Python shamefully escapes with them not wishing to get arrested herself. While in police custody, Thor tells the arresting officers that he has no memory of what had transpired. Unable to believe Thor, they escort him to a cell pending trial.

Elsewhere, in the realm where he had been exiled by Odin, Loki continues his wanderings until he feels the sudden pull of Odin, signalling the end of his exile and he soon finds himself suddenly transported back to Asgard and before Odin. Odin confirms that Loki's exile is over, however it is conditional that he commit no further acts of infamy. When Sif and Balder witness Loki's return they protest it and ask that Odin restore Thor's powers as well. Odin denies these requests, and have only succeeded in tipping off Loki of Thor's current predicament, which Loki plans to exploit for his own purposes.

Arriving on Earth, Loki takes on a mortal guise and pays for Thor's bail in this identity. Driving away from the prison, Thor demands answers from this seemingly good Samaritan, and eventually sees through Loki's guise. This leads to a battle between the two in the streets of New York City.

In Thor's weakened state, Loki satisfies himself by trying to match strength with Thor, and during their battle he manages to over power the Thunder God and beat him into submission. Before he can make a final blow though, Sif and Balder arrive on Earth, unable to sit by and watch Thor get beaten. Loki boasts about what Odin will do to Balder and Sif should he find out.

As fate would have it, Odin has been witnessing the whole episode and is furious and decides to send down a swift punishment to those who would seek to disobey him and fires down a bolt of mystical energy to deal with them.

This story is continued next issue....

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The Sentry approaches Attilan, wanting to learn how the Kree experiments have affected the advanced society. As the Sentry explains the history of Attilan, Randac emerges from the Terrigen Mists to find it has given him powers and that he wants everyone in the city to share his experiences in the mists. The Sentry leaves, but warns them that if the Kree ever return to Earth, they may meet as foes.

The Inhumans stories was reprinted in Marvel Tales Vol 2 #123.

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