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Quote1 Thy love for Jane Foster hath endured lo, these many months! It hath overcome every obstacle -- I shall deny it no longer! Quote2
-- Odin

Appearing in "They Strike from Space!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Jane Foster's neighbor



  • Mjolnir
  • Warlock's Eye (First appearance)
  • Colonizing Master Computer
  • Proton Coagulant Ray
  • Proton Cage
  • Space Lock


  • Rigellian Spacecraft

Synopsis for "They Strike from Space!"Edit

Following their battle against Pluto in Hades, Thor and Hercules return to Olympus, where a joyous Hercules announces that he broke his Pact with Pluto to rule Hades in the Death God's place, much to the chagrin of Ares. Thor leaves Hercules to return to Earth so that he may be reunited with Jane Foster. What Thor doesn't know is that Jane Foster, under the hypnotic suggestion of her roommate Tana Nile, is leaving New York City to points unknown so that she does not get in the way of Tana's plans for Thor.

Tana Nile changes into her true form, that of a member of the alien Rigellian race, who plan on attempting to colonize the Earth. Now in her true form, Tana calls in her Colonizer Commander to claim full rights of the planet Earth. She tries to refuse the colonizer ship to come to Earth an inspect the planet because she fears a battle will occur, however the colonizers disagree, believing that other than their feared threat from the Black Galaxy, they are invincible to any other foes.

Thor meanwhile, arrives on Asgard to ask his father if he would be allowed to marry Jane Foster, willing to forsake his own godhood in order to do so. To Thor's surprise, Odin finally concedes and will allow for Thor to marry Jane, and still remain the God of Thunder. Filled with joy, Thor rushes to Earth, however when he goes to Jane Foster's apartment he is attacked by Rigeillian Colonizers led by Tana Nile. Tana explains that they have laid claim to the Earth and intend to colonize the planet. When Thor tries to strike, Tana Nile uses her vast mental powers to subdue him, however Thor attempts to resist. As he is being subdued, Tana Nile explains how they intend on taking over the Earth by threatening to use a device called a Space Lock to move the Earth closer or farther from the sun, and wiping out the human race with the extreme environmental changes.

Thor continues to resist, and the Colonizers are forced to use a "Proton Coagulant Ray", encasing the Thunder God in a block of solidified Protons. They decide that since with the exception of the entity in the Black Galaxy, Thor is the only one able to resist their mind probes the Colonizers decide to take Thor back to their ship for examination. Before going they give Tana Nile a wrist-control device for the Space Lock and give her complete colonization rights to the Earth.

The Colonizers load Thor up into their ship and leave the Earth, however Thor manages to break free of the proton cube he's been sealed in. As the ship flies into space, Tana Nile activate the Space Lock device and encases the Earth in it's energy. Thor meanwhile, confronts the Colonizers in the ship and find that they have strength that matches his own. However, Thor manages to best them in battle, easily knocking them out.

With the Colonizers on the ship knocked out, Thor decides to allow the ship to continue its course to the planet Rigel, so that he may stop the Rigellians from taking over the Earth.

This story is continued next issue....

Appearing in "Tales of Asgard: The Warlock's Eye!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Harokin's Forces
  • Thor's Warriors




Synopsis for "Tales of Asgard: The Warlock's Eye!"Edit

Quote1 So! Thou wouldst trifle with Volstagg? Know you that my very belly is more than a match for a dozen such as thee! Quote2

Continued from last issue...

Posing as Harokin, Thor orders Harokin's army to take the Warriors Three as live prisoners. As the forces of Harokin busy themselves with battling Fandral and Hogun, Volstagg has cowardly hidden in a barrel. However, he decides to leave his hiding spot in order to search for the Warlock's Eye.

Volstagg finds the location where the Eye has been hidden and easily bests the warriors sent to collect it for "Harokin". With the Warlock's Eye in his possession, Volstagg uses its power to easily defeat Harokin's army. When Volstagg demands that "Harokin" stand down, Thor reveals his true identity and explains that he took Harokin's place to try and secure the Warlock's Eye.

With Harokin's army defeated, and the Warlock's Eye in the possession of Thor and his comrades, Thor wonders what fate is in store for Harokin himself.

This story is continued next issue...

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