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This page contains a list of all the comics included in Thor Vol 1: (1966-2011).
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Numbering continued from Journey into Mystery.
Thor Volume 1 originally ended with issue #502 and as cancelled during the Heroes Reborn revamping of Thor. However, when he was given a new series, it continued as Thor Volume 2. However, at the point in which -- if Journey Into Mystery were still published today -- would have reached 600 issues, all subsequent issues of the current Thor series were being listed under the Volume 1 numbering system.

Issues 126-150

Continues from Journey into Mystery Vol 1 # 125

Issues 151-200

Issues 201-250

Issues 251-300

Issues 301-350

Issues 351-400

Issues 401-450

Issues 451-502

Continues in Journey into Mystery Vol 1 # 503

Continues from Thor Vol 3 # 12

Issues 600-621

Continues in Journey into Mystery Vol 1 # 622

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