Donar is the leader of the Thunder Guard, the planet's only super-team, which is in the employ of Von Doom. When the Avengers invaded this planet in a pre-emptive strike to keep it from attacking their earth, Donar led the forces against the Avengers. Both sides sustained heavy casualties and the Avengers were driven off their planet.

When the newest generation of Avengers also made the journey to this alternate earth, they encountered the Thunder Guard as well. When the Avengers attempted to stop Von Doom from attacking their earth Donar attacked the Avenger, J2, only to be beaten back by J2's team-mate, Mainframe, who used New York's power system to knock the god unconscious.

Strength level

Superhuman strength enabling him to lift well in excess of 100 tons.


His uru mallet also allows him to fly, absorb energy, fire bolts of concussive energy and control weather.

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