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Thor in this universe seems to be a "hippie" as described by Nick Fury, as he is seen being at peace rallies and pro-animal rights protests. His claims to be the God of Thunder are widely panned and he refuses to join the Avengers because he refuses to involve himself with man's wars. He eventually aids and joins the team to defeat the Chitauri fleet. He finds himself weak against the Hulk.


Seemingly those of Thor Odinson (Earth-1610)#Powers.


Seemingly those of Thor Odinson (Earth-1610)#Abilities.


Mjolnir (axe-type)

This incarnation of Thor is primarily based on the Ultimate universe version which first appeared in The Ultimates. Like that version, he is an activist and his hammer is an axe-hammer with no worthiness enchantment and teleportation powers. Parts of Thor's character are altered to make him similar to the Earth-616 version of the character, such as his face being clean-shaven and having on-screen conferences with his father Odin.

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