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The past history of Thor on Earth-1081 is mostly unknown. His origins and much of his early history are likely similar to that of his Earth-616 counterpart. In this reality, Thor is a member of the Avengers[1]. According to Morph, Thor once briefly lost his hammer Mjolnir to Beta Ray Bill, and also lost the love of his woman Sif to the alien as well[2].


Presumably, Thor has all the powers an attributes that are common to Asgardians throughout the multiverse and likely his powers are on par with his Earth-616 counterpart.


Thor wields the mystical hammer Mjolnir, it is constructed out of Uru metal and has many enchantments and mystical properties. While the abilities of Mjolnir on Earth-1080 are not specified, they are presumably on par with other versions of it in other realities.

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