Professor Lawrence Zaxton was a jealous colleague of Dr. Donald Blake. When Blake built an android and asked Zaxton to display it at a convention, Zaxton deliberately caused the android to malfunction. Thor removed the android from the scene before it detonated. Zaxton then kidnapped Blake's nurse Jane Foster and blackmailed Blake into helping him perfect his Duplicator machine.

When their work was complete, Blake attempted to become Thor and sneak away, but Professor Zaxton witnessed his transformation and used his device to make an evil Demon Duplicate of Thor. He armed the duplicate with two copies of Thor's hammer Mjolnir, and set it after him.

However, Thor eventually realized that because the duplicate was not worthy of the power of Mjolnir, it could not actually harm him, and he destroyed it.

As Thor set after Professor Zaxton, he tried to escape, but he fumbled with his device and fell off a bridge to catch it. Thor let Zaxton's good duplicate carry on with the professor's life.[1]


Much like the original Thor, the Thor duplicate's strength, endurance and resistance to injury are greater than the vast majority of his superhuman race and most superhumans. He is immune to conventional disease, and highly resistant to injury. His flesh and bones are several times denser than a human's. However he wasn't anywhere near as powerful or as strong as the original Thor and only possessed a portion of his power and strength. While the real Thor was at the very least an equal to Hercules in hand-to-hand combat and clearly superior when using his hammer, Hercules defeated the Thor duplicate and crushed his head with his own hammer although the duplicate was able to do surprisingly well against Hercules and held his own for a period of time.


  • Mjolnir Replica: The Demon Duplicate of Thor possessed a hammer similar to Mjolnir in design, which enabled the Thor duplicate to project powerful electrical energy from the hammer and seemingly control the weather to an extent with it as well.

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