This Thor is a Skrull posing as Thor and a member of the Skrull Avengers. He has the same powers and abilities of the real Thor and wields a Skrull replica of Mjolnir.

He was with the four Skrull Avengers in their fake rescue to fool Captain America but Cap wasn't fooled of their act and immediately attacked them. Thor (Skrull) was the last to be knocked out before Cap uses his hammer to smash his way out.

After the failure, he was with a full team of Skrull Avengers sent to Wakanda to steal Vibranium under Queen Veranke's orders. He was the one to throw his deceased brethren to fool Ms. Marvel.

During the battle, Thor (Skrull) was hammering Black Panther and his Wakandan forces until when he was ordered and about to blast Panther, he was shot down by a Wakandan tank and his true form was revealed along with the Skrull Black Panther, which resulted in the Skrull Avengers' exposure.

After the battle, his body was piled up along with the others.


Seemingly those of Thor.


Skrull ship


Skrull replica of Mjolnir

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