Quote1 My name is Gorr, son of a nameless father, outcast from a forgotten world. I have slain my way through multitudes to stand here at the genesis of all things. Blackened by vengeance, wet with holy blood. One simple dream still strong in my heart... The dream of a godless age. Quote2
-- Gorr the God Butcher

Appearing in "The God Butcher, Part 5 of 5: Dream of a Godless Age"Edit

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  • First God and Elder Gods offspring (Only in flashback)
  • Gorr's father (Mentioned)




Synopsis for "The God Butcher, Part 5 of 5: Dream of a Godless Age"Edit

Continues from Thor: God of Thunder #4...

In the present day, on Chronux, the Palace of Infinity, Gorr sinks into the Pool of Forevers, while remembering how he was raised to believe in and pray Gods, but they were never there when he needed them.

Now in the Void, 14 billion years ago, Gorr witnesses the beginning of the universe at the hands of the first God who looks like he's having fun shaping monstrous, pained creatures, against all the traditional stories about the Creation he's been hearing all his life.

Gorr intends to kill this God before anyone can erect temples in his honor, and in the process he explains the reason why he killed every God he encountered and came all the way back to the beginning of time: for the dream of a godless age.

Back to present-day Chronux, Gorr re-emerges from the Pool of Forevers, to the Last Time God's shock. Gorr holds the First God's heart in his hand, and declares he needs time and slaves to prepare his next attack. Thor suddenly breaks in, attacking the Butcher with a lightning strike.

In 893 A.D., in the Cave of the God Butcher, Thor has endured Gorr's unspeakable tortures for seventeen days now. As Gorr tries once again to be given the location of Asgard, the Berserkers come to rescue young Thor, attacking the monster.

Present-day Thor says he's weary of fighting Gorr's Black Berserkers, but his foe answers that he had a key role in creating them and that they are a part of him: they were born when Gorr killed the men of Earth who tried to save their God, in vain. While Gorr was massacring them, in fact, young Thor freed himself of his chains, cutting Gorr's right arm off. That day Gorr realized he needn't follow his plan alone, and that he too would use servants ready to die for him. For this, he's grateful to Thor and that's the reason why he intends to kill him last.

As the Time God reprogrammed the Pool for Gorr's intentions, he kills him and while sinking again inside the liquid he pleads with Thor to stay alive as long as possible, so they may meet again in the future. Thor immediately sets himself free of the Black Berserkers holding him and plunges inside the Pool himself. Thousands of years later, on Asgard, we get back to the encounter between Thor and King Thor.

Young Thor watches Gorr disappear as he has seemingly slain him, with the appraisal of the remaining humans alive. He says this story shall not be told in songs or otherwise, for as long as they live. This is the moment Thor became an adult.

Thor and King Thor fight back another horde of Black Berserkers, while the old one tells our Thor that the God Butcher has been in his reality for 900 years already, and he's been preparing for the day all his dreams come true.

Continues in Thor: God of Thunder #6...

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Solicit Synopsis:

• The shocking finale of our opening salvo…!

• As three Thors from three eras race to stop the God Butcher, the full extent of his vicious scheme takes terrifying shape.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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