Quote1 Fight all you like. These bonds have held a thousand gods before you, some the size of mountains. They all start out so full of confidence and rage. So convinced of their own blessed immortality, until I show them what they really are. What their mothers are. Their lovers. Their infants. You're meat, just like the rest of us, little god. Meat and bone and blood and innards. I will show you your true face, Thor of Asgard, by peeling away this mask of flesh you wear. Quote2
-- Gorr the God Butcher

Appearing in "The God Butcher, Part 4 of 5: The Last God in Asgard"Edit

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Synopsis for "The God Butcher, Part 4 of 5: The Last God in Asgard"Edit

Thousands of years in the future, the Black Beserkers have defeated King Thor, and carry his body back to the throne room, leaving him alive and alone. Thor comes to, and cries out for them to come back and kill him. In the present, Thor has met Shadrak. A god that was left alive by Gorr, and driven mad by the horror he has been forced to bear witness to. Shadrak tells Thor that the only thing he knows about Gorr's location, is something he heard other gods scream out - Chronux. Thor takes Shadrak to Omnipotence City, but when they reach the Library, they find the Librarian unconscious on the floor and Black Beserkers burning the books and scrolls. In the past, Thor is a chained captive of Gorr in Gorr's cave and being tortured. Back in the Library, the Librarian comes to and tells Thor that Chronux is not another missing god, but a hidden world, and the scroll that tells of its location is currently burning. Thor rushes over and it turns to ash in his hand, but not before he manages to glimpse Chronux's location. In the future, Thor drags himself out of the palace, and calling Mjolnir to him, reigns down destruction on the Black Beserkers. On Chronux, Gorr and his Black Beserkers have killed all the gods there except for one. Draining all their blood into their Pool of Forevers, Gorr plans to go back in time for some unknown reason. In the future, Lord Thor is stabbed through, and admits defeat until his past self arrives in front of him.

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Solicit Synopsis:

• Thousands of years in the future the last god king of a ruined Asgard makes his final stand against the berserker legions of the God Butcher.

• But even a king can fall. Even King Thor.

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