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In the past, the young Thor awakens in a tent, surrounded by his viking friends. One of them informs him that they found Thor grievously injured and alone, and that it took seven days for him to recover. Thor leaves in search of the God Butcher who survived their encounter. He comes across Hinkon, the dying Siberian God of the Hunt, who tells Thor that the God Butcher ambushed him and left him alive to tell Thor that he was waiting for Thor in a cave. He asks Thor to put him out of his misery, and Thor complies. Thor finds the cave and after a short conversation, is attacked by the God Butcher.

Meanwhile, in the present, Thor has journeyed to Omnipotence City, the Nexus of all the gods. He seeks information about all the gods who have gone missing. He begins investigating, finding many dead by the hands of the God Butcher and his minions lingering by their corpses. Thor proceeds to journey to the cave where he believed he killed the God Butcher over one thousand years ago, together with Tony Stark. He asks Stark to go and warn all of Earth's pantheons before entering the cave. Thor ponders that although as a long lived god, he has forgotten many things, this cave will forever live in his memory as the place where the God Butcher taught him fear. Thor finds a creature in the cave and attacks him, but the creature begs for mercy, saying that it is not Gorr the God Butcher. Thor asks why it's hiding in the cave, and it responds that it is hiding from Gorr in the last place he would ever look and tells Thor that all he is doing is because of what Thor did to him in this cave over 1000 years ago.

Meanwhile, in the future, Thor dives into the black ocean of Gorr's minions. He fights valiantly, but is overcome, his body sinking beneath the tide of black monsters.

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Solicit Synopsis:

• Following the bloody wake of murdered gods across the depths of space, Thor tracks the God Butcher into the present!

• Discovering a forgotten cave on earth that echoes with the cries of tortured gods...the Thunder God is shocked to find himself among them…!

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