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Not much is known about the man who eventually became known as the Monster. His first name was Hans and he was a pilot for the Nazis during World War II. In 1945, as Allied Forces were pounding Germany thanks to the addition of newly built American bombers, Nazi officials sent Major von Kaulus to the United States to destroy the factory that was building them. His co-pilot during the flight across the Atlantic was Hans. When they crossed into American airspace they were dogged by American fighter plans and shot down.

Their plane crashed in Keecheebee Swamp, where Von Kaulus survived relatively unharmed while Hans was seriously injured. By some freak of nature, chemical elements in the swamp caused Hans to mutate into a massive creature of great strength, durability but limited intelligence. Under Kaulus' control, Hans carried his superior out of the swamp to the bomber factory they were sent to destroy. they attacked the base, and while Hans was bullet proof, Kaulus feared he would be struck and ordered a retreat.

After taking refuge back at their crashed plane, they were soon confronted by Captain America and Bucky, however Hans was able to overpower Cap and Bucky was knocked out by Kaulus. The two Nazis then left the heroes for dead and went to resume their attack on the bomber factory. Once more out gunned, they were forced to flee when Captain America and Bucky arrived to stop them. Stealing a plane, Kaulus and Hans attempted to fly away, but were chased after by Cap and Bucky in another plane.

Kaulus ordered Hans to attack Cap's plane by jumping onto its wing. Unable to stop the monster, Cap sent his plane on a collision course with the one piloted by Kaulus. Cap and Bucky then bailed out while the two planes collided, killing both Hans and Kaulus in the resulting explosion.


After his transformation by the chemicals found in Keecheebee Swamp, Hans had enhanced strength and was bullet proof.


As a side effect to his transformation, Hans appeared to have limited intelligence and no independent though of his own, acting only on the orders of Major von Kaulus.

"The Thing From The Swamp" is named The Monster in the Official Index To The Marvel Universe: The Avengers, Thor & Captain America.

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