Quote1 Thing Rings, do your thing. Quote2
-- Darla Deering src


The Thing Rings are two rings worn by Darla Deering that when touched together transform her into Ms. Thing. They are activated when touched together, creating a vacuum which is then filled with Thing Particles, forming the Thing Exoskeleton around the user. They were created by Dragon Man and given to Darla as an easy way to transform into the Thing Exoskeleton.

Thing Rings from FF Vol 2 8 001

Thing Rings in action.


  • When using the rings, Darla uses the catchphrase: "Thing rings, do your thing."


  • The inclusion of this rings into Earth-616 is an homage to the infamous Hanna-Barbera cartoon "Fred and Barney Meet the Thing" circa 1979, in which the protagonist, a young Benjy Grimm, had to activate these rings in order to become The Thing.

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