This item, developed by Doctor Doom, included a very insulated metallic cilinder connected to a huge generator via cables, thus it was not portable. The thermo-lance was a weapon that could channel up to one teravolt of energy (sic.) into its victim at point-blank range. It was powerful enough to hurt even The Thing, one of Doom's main enemies.[1][2]

Doctor Doom built one unit of the thermo-lance, which he hid within a laboratory at his castle in Latveria.[2] He once took there willing Ms. Marvel, who had become a "She-Thing", to turn her human again using another machine. Ms. Marvel's friends the Fantastic Four raided the castle in a misguided attempt to rescue her. With Ms. Marvel barely conscious, the Thing confronted Doom in that laboratory and put him against the ropes. Ventura recovered and, considering Doom an ally for the day, she took the thermo-lance to attack the Thing, managing to stun him. Doom took his chance and, using a new attack, knocked the Thing down.[1]


Both the comic Fantastic Four #350 and the book Machines of Doom say that the thermo-lance channels "a million megavolts of energy", per Doom's words. A Megavolt is not a unit of energy - energy is measured in [wikipedia:Joule

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