The past history of the Man-Thing of Earth-9997 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. In recent history, when Psycho-Man's Emotocaster was being used to drive the entire Microverse insane, the Man-Thing was drawn to HEL Laboratories. There, the Man-Thing would block the portal to the Microverse with his own body, his tendrils igniting upon contact to that mad universe. He would sacrifice his life in order to prevent the Microverse's madness from spreading to the Earth. The sole survivors of the destruction of the Microverse were the Ant Men. Marionette has stated that she heard that Ted Sallis finally became the Super-Soldier he was trying to become in the Realm of the Dead. His current activities in the Realm of the Dead are unknown.


Seemingly those of Theodore Sallis of Earth-616. Apparently following his death, he became a super-soldier, as he has not been observed in this form, his powers are speculative at best, but it is safe to assume his powers are similar to that of Captain America.

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