Theo Chevalier was known as the "Star-Gazer" due to his scientific expertise with stars. He was hired by mob scientist Dr. Emil Gar to help eliminate the costumed hero known as the Blue Blaze. The Star-Gazer would develop devices that would channel the energies of an unidentified star. One device would create a powerful "Star-Monster" that was fully under his control, the other a weapon that would channel the star's energy into a powerful beam.

Star-Monster (Earth-616)

Star-Gazer's Star-Monster

Their activities would attract the attention of the Blue Blaze, who would come directly to them. At first the Blaze would be no match for their Star-Monster, he would get away at the dawn, when the Earth's rotation would cut off the monsters access to it's power source. The Blue Blaze would later defeat the creature by luring it into a printing press and covering it with molten lead.

The Star-Gazer would then attempt to slay the Blue Blaze with his star-ray, however the Blaze had devised a mirror that would deflect it's rays. The rays would end up slaying both the Star-Gazer and Doctor Gar.




The Star-Gazer was an expert astronomer and inventor.


Chevalier relied entirely on his inventions, especially his Star-Monster. While the creature was powerful, it would become inert once its connection to the rays of the star that powered it was blocked.


The Star-Gazer invented a special telescope that would channel the energies of a star into a tray of chemicals to create his "Star-Monster" a massive creature comprised of star energy (The Star-Monster could be a Solam).


Star-Gazer was armed with a weapon that could focus and direct star energy into a lethal energy blast.


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