A once-successful writer with two novels and three plays under his belt, he moved to a mansion in the Everglades to write his next book. However, through his numerous house parties and over distractions he never got around to writing it; after people stopped attending his parties he appeared to lose the will to live and attempted to finish the book.

Through unknown means and on his deathbed he appeared to split the Man-Thing and Ted Sallis into two separate beings, and created a family who looked after Sallis who could remember nothing of the Man-Thing. Three months appeared to pass (though in reality this was another one of The Writer's abilities as no time had actually passed at all) and Sallis fell in love with Genevieve Beaumain and one day tried to enter the east wing of the mansion, when the Man-Thing attacked and killed Genevieve, Martin Beaumain and Elijah Beaumain.[1]

The Man-Thing then continued through the east wing and was attacked by more of The Writer's characters with Ted following behind, as he entered The Writer's bedroom everything disappeared and he found his dead body. Upon realising the truth about the people of the house and how much time had actually passed, the Man-Thing and Sallis recombined into one and returned to the swamp.[2]


Ability to create illusions of people and things and make it appear as though time is passing at a much more accelerated rate than it actually is.

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