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The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 143


The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 143

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Appearing in "Deadline in Dallas"Edit

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  • The Purifiers Flying Craft

Synopsis for "Deadline in Dallas"Edit

The Punisher, under the influence of the Persuader, is sent to Dallas to kill the Lobo brothers. Meanwhile Spider-man meets his wife MJ at a restaurant to take dinner but watches on TV that the Punisher is in Dallas. Feeling that the Punisher is in some kind of danger, he leaves and takes a flight to Dallas under the cover of a "Webs" book signature event.

There he finds the Punisher at the Lobo Brothers mansion where the Punisher and the Persuader just arrived to kill them the Brothers as an assignement by the Arranger. But Spider-man fights the Punisher until he is shot by Andrew, a hired gun who was there with the Persuader. Then the Persuader orders the Punisher to kill Spider-man but he breaks free of his mind control and kills Andrew and the Persuader. Then he leaves, Spidey comes back to New York, and the Lobo Brothers decide to take revenge on the Kingpin.

The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 143 003

The Punisher kills the Persuader

Meanwhile, the clone of Gwen Stacy escapes another attempt of kidnapping her by the Purifiers.

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