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The Punisher (1993 video game)


The Punisher (1993 video game)

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The Punisher

Information-silk Title
The Punisher
Information-silk Universe
Video Game Details
Information-silk Developers
Information-silk Publishers
Information-silk Modes
Single player, 2 player Coin Co-op
Information-silk Platforms
Arcade, Sega Mega Drive
Information-silk Release Date
April 22, 1993


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



  • Firearms & Weapon Items
    • Stone
    • Tire
    • Hand Grenade
    • Dynamite
    • Pretty Head
    • Star
    • Shuriken
    • Bag of Cement
    • Lance
    • Knife
    • Bat
    • Flamethrower
    • Boomerang
    • Bizen Osafune
    • Pipe
    • Iron Plate
    • Hammer
    • Battle Ax
    • Extinguisher
    • Ingram
    • M-16
    • Pretty Legs
  • Vitality Restoring Food Items
    • Pudding
    • Cheese
    • Slice Pizza
    • Hot Dogs
    • Pizza
    • Chicken
    • Meat
  • Bonus Point Items
    • Pistol
    • Money
    • Coins
    • Gold
    • Trunk
    • Aquamarine
    • Ruby
    • Emerald
    • Dark Sapphire
  • Throwable Containers and Destructibles
    • Video Game
    • Chair
    • Bucket
    • Barrel
    • Wooden Box
    • Sofa
    • Recliner
    • Oil Drum
    • Armor
    • Pipe A
    • Pipe B
    • Stone Column
    • Tire Stack
    • Prison Door A
    • Prison Door B
    • Antenna
    • Cable Machine
    • Elevator Motor
    • Poolside Recliner
    • Portrait
    • Suite Bed
    • Painting
    • Machine



The Story of this Video Game is unknown.


The Cast of this Video Game is unknown.


The Punisher is a 1993 arcade game released by Capcom which stars the Marvel Comics anti-hero, The Punisher, and co-starring Nick Fury as the second player's character. It is a beat 'em up where Punisher and Fury are on a mission to thwart the crime lord Kingpin, engaging on various foes and final bosses mostly in a hand-to-hand combat.


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