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The Pulse Vol 1 2


The Pulse Vol 1 2

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Quote1 Ego. You got me with ego. Quote2
-- Norman Osborn

Appearing in "Thin Air (Part 2 of 5)"Edit

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Synopsis for "Thin Air (Part 2 of 5)"Edit

"Yesterday" (the day before J. Jonah Jameson hired Jessica Jones as "a vigilante analyst" for The Pulse), Terri Kidder was convinced that she was going to be fired from the Daily Bugle. She recalled her move from a "big, old-fashioned," "respected newspaper" to the "tabloid newspaper" of the Bugle, and considered Jameson's feverish micromanagement as well as Robbie Robertson's impressive credentials until Kat Farrell interrupted her thoughts to point out that Ben Urich had incurred Jameson's wrath by sacrificing "the story of the year" when Urich refused to reveal Daredevil's secret identity.

Later in the day, Jameson threw Kidder out of a production meeting when she turned in an article on the Avengers. At her cubicle, Terri received a phone-call informing her of a fight between Spider-Man and a "flying, old, bald dude in some green wing thing" near the Port Authority, and rushed to the scene to find Spider-Man battling the Vulture with a reporter from Fox News covering the incident.

That evening, Terri had dinner with a friend, Sheryl Doser, who worked "in accounts payable at Oscorp" and who admitted that several company employees have gone missing recently. Sheryl left, and Terri called Norman Osborn's office, claiming that she was assigned to interview Osborn as one of "the 100 most powerful people in Manhattan" and getting an immediate ten-minute interview slot.

Terri hurried to the OsCorp building, Terri meets with Osborn, who is surprised that Jameson would have included him on a list of powerful people. When Terri mentions rumors of missing employees, Osborn realizes that Kidder has tricked her way into the interview, and strangles her with one hand. In costume, Osborn flies out over Central Park and drops Terri's body into the reservoir.

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