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Synopsis for "Dark Side"

At night, inside Devins Chemicals, David Banner, under the alias of "David Barnard", is now working at the chemical plant, and he takes home several chemicals when he leaves. The night, at the Schulte home, the place that he's staying, he begins concocting a chemical in his room with the components that he took from the plant. Downstairs, the Schulte family prepares for dinner, but the mother Ellen, tries to be nice to her husband, Mike, who has just returned from a year-long cruise. However, Laurie, the daughter, is still angry at Mike for not being home for all that time, as he missed her graduation. She goes upstairs to tell David that dinner is ready, and he tells her that he'll be down in a minute. He goes downstairs and eats with them. Mike begins telling them stories of his adventures with his sailor buddies from the cruise, but no one seems interested, and so the rest of the dinner is finished in silence Later, David goes up to his room and turns on is tape recorder, and he recites what he plans to do with this experiment. He says that he plans to inject himself with a chemical that should give him more control over the primal right-side of his brain, thus giving him more control of his emotions. He injects the serum into a spot on his neck, and he immediately begins to feel its effects, as he becomes drowsy and his vision begins to blur. He suddenly has a flash in his mind, and sees a native American with faceprint, who is chasing down another native with a spear. The hunter throws his spear, and it buries itself in his prey's back. David begins to smile, and then to laugh. He turns on the tape recorder, and says that Banner really messed up this time. He continues, saying that David has always tried so hard to suppress the creature, but that he wants it released. He stops the recording, and writes down that he's hungry in David's notes. He looks at the diagram on the chalkboard that David drew of what effect the chemical would have to the right and left sides of the brain. Laughing maniacally, the new, evil David walks out of the room. Laurie comes down the stairs, and ears him laughing again. she sees him eating leftover chicken out of their fridge and drinking wine straight from the bottle, laughing. He sees her, and she tells him that she heard him laughing, and she thought there had been someone in his room, so she grabbed a knife in case it was an intruder. He takes the knife from her, and calls her Laura, saying that she is a huntress, and a woman. He sees the vision from earlier of the native Amercian,s except thistle, it is the hunter sitting next to a native woman at a campfire. He looks over at her and desiring er, he pulls her towards him, and the vision ends. David begins seducing Laurie, but he accidentally cuts his hand on the knife, and Mike comes downstairs and asks what's going on. He grabs David's shoulder, and David, angry, removes Mike's hand telling him never to touch him again. Suddenly, David's original personality resurfaces, and he apologizes, and leaves, and Mike says that he'll have to find a new place to stay, as they're kicking him out.

The next morning, David lies in his bed, and he listens to the recording of his dark side self. He recites to the tape recorder that the chemical had the opposite effect as anticipated, and that it now magnifies the primal emotions of the right-side of the brain, bringing out David's primal self, and that he'll have to develop a cure before the effects come permanent. He calls Devins Chemical and tells the receptionist, Miss Farber, that he's sick and can't come in now. Farber, who obviously has crush on David, tells him that if he's feeling better later, he's welcome to come to a private club that she's a part of, called The Swingtime, as it will be open tonight. David tells her to just to tell the boss that he's sick, and he hangs up. That night, David feverishly works on a cure inside his room, and Laurie bring him up a plate of dinner. She asks him why he's calling her Laurie now, and she says that she just turned 18, and that she really likes David. David ignores her advances and she tries to kiss him, but he shuts the door on her and locks it, but his evil personality returns, and he begins seeing the faces of the two new women in his life, Laurie and Miss Farber. He begins to smile, and leaves.

That night, David arrives at The Swingtime, and he looks around a the crowd of people dancing and talking inside. He looks up and sees two showgirls sitting on swings hanging from the ceiling, and they smile at him. He sees Miss Farber, and he asks her to dance. She accepts, but the man with her stops David, and says that she's with him. David punches the man in the stomach, and says that if the man touches him again, he might make him angry. The man and two others carry David off into a hallway outside the club and begin beating the stuffing out of him, but David only laughs, saying that they wouldn't lie him when he's angry. They continue to pummel him, but he shrugs it off, knowing what's about to happen. Farmer's date smashes a chair over David's head, and this triggers his transformation. He turns into the Hulk, who roars at them, causing them to run back into the club. Hulk, also adversely affected b the chemical, is now more deadly than ever. He follows the man who stopped David from dancing with Farber up the stairs to the balcony overlooking the room below. The man jumps off to escape the Hulk, and he lands on one of the swings, pushing the showgirl off, and she falls into the crowd below. He also falls, and Hulk breaks the railing on the balcony, jumping down to face them. He sees the man on the ground, and tries to kill him by stomping on his head, but the man gets up and narrowly avoids the fatal blow. Hulk grabs a chair and tries to break it over him, but the man runs away and he smashes the chair against a table. Hulk turns to face the crowd, and he sees Miss Farber among them. He pushes through the crowd, knocking over many people, and he finally sees her, but she runs away from him. He grabs her dress and it tears, exposing her underwear under it. She presses against the far wall screaming, but hulk hears police sirens and crashes through a wall to escape. He breaks out into the alley outside, and runs off. The next morning, a butcher is unloading crates of frozen chicken, but the savage Hulk finds the truck, and he grabs the meat from the man, and attempts to eat it. Biting into the frozen meat, he finds that is too hard, so he throws it into a dumpster nearby. He then pursues the man, who begins weaving through the giant crates, Hulk finally corners him, smashing through a crate and trapping him up against a wall. Hulk grabs him by he shirt, but his original personality returns, and Hulk, confused, drops the man and runs off.

Later, David sits in his room and listens to the radio, where news of Hulk's rampage at the club has gotten out. Reports say that 12 were injured, with three seriously wounded. David recites to his recorder that he needs to go to the lab to finish his cure and take it before the effects of the chemical come permanent. Meanwhile, a young man, Jimmy Ellison rides up to the Schulte house in his car, and Ellen opens the door, surprised to see him. Mike greets him, and invites him inside. Ellen asks Mike why he invited Jimmy, and he tells her that Jimmy has had a crush on Laurie for years, and that he doesn't want her seeing David. Laurie comes out and sees Jimmy, but she loses interest when she sees David coming down the stairs. She asks him where he's going, and David says that he's going for a walk, and that he needs to be alone. Mike grabs Laurie and pulls her away, saying that David said he wanted to be alone, but David's other personality briefly flashes, and he yells at Mike to take his hands off of her. Mike angrily tells that this is his house and family, and that Laurie is his daughter. David cools down, and with his normal personality returning, he apologizes, and leaves. Mike tells Jimmy that this isn't his problem, an he tells the boy to be back later, and Laurie will go out with him. Jimmy happily leaves and Laurie yells at Mike, saying that he can't tell her and Elen what to do, as they've spent more time in the house than he has, alluding to his year-long absence. She runs upstairs in tears, and Mike looks at Ellen. Meanwhile, in the lab, David is about to inject himself with the completed cure, but his evil self returns, and he puts the cap on the needle and pockets it, saying that David won't get his antidote. He returns to the house, and sees Laurie pacing in her room through a window, and he evilly stares at her.

Inside, Mike gets out some old photos from his chest of pictures, but Ellen says that she's seen the pictures hundreds of times, and that he can't keep running away on a cruise whenever Laurie scares him, because she's different from Ellen, and she can't forgive and forget. Meanwhile, David sneaks upstairs and tells Laurie the he's leaving and that she should come with him. She started at him through tearful eyes, and they begin kissing. They go down the stairs together, but David laughs, and Mike hears him. Mike and Ellen confront David and Laurie on the stairs, and Mike tries o reason with Laurie, while telling David that he won't have Laurie. David kicks him in the face, knocking him to the floor, and the two run outside. David steal Jimmy Ellison's car, as Jimmy had arrived at the selected time for his date with Laurie. Mike gets his gun from inside, and he and Ellen get into their car, and chase David.David speed through the streets in the car, but his original personality begins returning, and he begins fighting his other self, willing his body's arm to retrieve the antidote from his pocket. Laurie reaches over and tries to steer, but the car crashes into a lake, and David is thrown from the car. Mike and Ellen find them, and they get out and wade into the lake to help Laurie out of the car, since she's strapped in and her seatbelt is stuck. David, unseen by the others, climbs to shore, and with his old personality returning, he injects the antidote into this neck, and this makes him become the Hulk. The Hulk climbs up out of the reeds on the bank, and he runs up behind the car and pulls it out of the lake and back onto land. Mike pulls his gun on the Hulk, but the beast grabs the gun and easily disarms him. He turns, and rips the car door off, tossing it into the water. Ripping her seatbelt off and freeing her from the car, Hulk runs away.

A few nights later, after a date, Laurie and Jimmy kiss on her doorstep, and she smiles as he leaves. She goes inside and sees her father burning hi sold pictures in their fireplace, and she asks him why he's burning them. He says that he's burning the same for the same reason that she dated Jimmy; they both had to move on. She says that there was something terrible inside David that hurt him, and that she never wants to forget it, and Mike says that he doesn't want her to ever forget. They embrace, and elsewhere, David moves on, leaving town.


  • David turns into the Hulk 2 times in this episode.


  • William Lucking, who played Mike Schulte, previously appeared in the series as Harlan Bates in the episode, The Antowuk Horror.
  • This is one the episodes with the most destructive of the Hulk's rampages in the series.

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