Appearing in "Long Run Home"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Johnny (Only appearance)[1]
  • Doc (Only appearance)[1]
  • Bob (Only appearance)[1]
  • Apa (Only appearance)[1]

Other Characters:

  • Agent Fitzgerald (Only appearance)[1]
  • Ann (Only appearance)[1]




  • Carl's motorcycle
  • Numerous other motorcycles

Synopsis for "Long Run Home"

In the woods somewhere, a biker gang meets up at an arms deal to pick up some firearms. However, before the deal can be completed, police cars burst in, and the gang makes a hasty split. Meanwhile, David Banner is walking along the side of a deserted country road, when a man on a motorcycle drives up and offers to give him a ride. David accepts, and hops on the back of the motorcycle. The man introduces himself as Carl Rivers. That night, the pair settles down under a makeshift tent that Carl had, and set it up on the side of the road, while;e it rains. Carl explains that he's fleeing from a biker gang that he used to be a part of, and that he's going to go see his relatives in another state. Once the rain stops and the sun comes up, the two head out. After driving for a couple of days, Carl accidentally wipes out on the cycle while driving, and he and David both fall off. Carl hurts his arm, and can't drive. Though David is reluctant, Carl tells David that he has to drive them to a doctor. David agrees, and the pair takes off. Later, they find a small residential area with a clinic nearby. They go inside, and sit down in the waiting room. After a couple hours, David asks the doctor if they can be seen. The doctor refuses to see Carl, saying that he's tired of constantly patching up bikers. Finally, David persuades the doctor to take a look at Carl, and the doctor bandages Carl's arm, and sends them on their way. Meanwhile, Carl's former biker gang plots their revenge against Carl. Johnny, the leader, convinces the other members to hunt down Carl.

Meanwhile, David and Carl find a small rest stop, and decide to stop and eat. They walk in, and see several men playing pool. David and Carl find a table, and sit down. They realize that they can't afford any meals, so Carl just gets coffee. A girl named Ann approaches them, and begins flirting with Carl. A couple of the men playing pool ask Carl if he'd like to play, and bet on the game. Against David's warnings, Carl decides to play. Carl begins wiping the floor with the men, making shot after successful shot. After finally finishing, and cleaning up with the men, Carl collects the money from one of the men. However, one of the men, the one who made the bet with Carl, picks up Carl's jacket, and dips it in a bowl of guacamole on on of the tables. Carl snaps, and punches the man in the stomach with his good arm. This starts a massive bar brawl, in which everyone joins in. David tries tom stop the fighting, but two men gang up on him, and beat him down. While one man holds David, the other begins repeatedly punching David in the stomach. Finally, they two men throw David over the counter, and behind the bar. The man who was punching David jumps behind the counter to finish him, however, he immediately flies over the counter and lands a ways away. From where the man had come from, a very annoyed Hulk stands up from behind the counter, and roars at the customers. He then behind pushing the whole bar across the restaurant, slowly pinning the whole crowd against the far wall. Finally, when no one can go anywhere else, Hulk grabs the man who violated Carl's jacket, and jams his face in the guacamole bowl. After Hulk is satisfied, Hulk tosses the man away, and runs out of the bar. Amid the confusion, Carl leaves as well. Later, Carl comes out of the bar, and finds David putting on a spare pair of shoes, (David had a spare set of clothes in his duffel bag on the motorcycle), and tells him that he couldn't find him. David says that he ran out as soon as he could, and Carl tells David about the Hulk, and what he did to the bar. David worriedly asks Carl if the Hulk hurt anyone, but Carl tells him that he didn't. Carl asks if David believes him, and David tells him that he does. The pair then departs. Later, Carl's gang storms into the bar to get answers about Carl. After they're finished the gang leaves, but now without messing up the bar a little more.

Later, the next morning, after taking down their tent, David and Cael talk for a little while. As they approach Carl's parked motorcycle, several policemen suddenly surround the motorcycle, and arrest David and Carl. Later, at the courthouse a ways away, one Agent Fitzgerald questions David and Carl. Fitzgerald tells Carl that there was a state-wide APB on his motorcycle's plates. After a little while, Fitzgerald lets David leave, but makes Carl stay for questioning. Inside the interrogation room, Fitzgerald questions Carl about the guns his gang was buying. Carl refuses to talk, but Fitzgerald says that he doesn't want Carl, he wants Johnny, and Doc, another member of the gang. He then tries to goad him by telling him that Johnny is planning on selling drugs, not just guns. Carl still refuses, and leaves. Carl meets David outside, and tells him about how Johnny convinced the gang that Carl was the one who finked on them about the gun deal, and that's why the gang is after Carl. Carl says that he'll get David to where he needs to go, then he'll head out to his families' farm and meet them there. David tries to protest against Carl fending for himself against the gang, but Carl doesn't back down, and tells him that all they can do right now is get out of town. They both agree on that, and prepare to leave.

Later, while driving along another back country road, David and Carl unwittingly drive right past Carl's gang, who were camping out on the side of the road, and Carl's gang immediately give chase. David makes a sharp right, and veers off of the road and into the woods, turning to observe their pursuers' progress, David looks back in front of them too late, and their motorcycle hits a ridge, and careens end-over-end into the dirt. The gang catches up, just as David turns into the Hulk. Two of the members jump off of their bikes, wielding chains, and standing on the ridge looking for the crashed bike. Then, the Hulk stands up right in front of them, and throws them both behind him. Hulk turns and growls at the two gang members, who are hightailing it out of there. Doc and another member don't see Hulk over the ridge, and run up to it. Suddenly, the Hulk walks up over the ridge and comes face-to-face with Doc and the member. Hulk pushes the member over into his bike, knocking Doc over as well. Hulk growls at Doc and the member, who start slowly crawling away from Hulk The Hulk slowly approaches them, and picks up the member's bike and throws it away. Two of the other members, seeing how badly Hulk is beating the other members, get on their bikes and prepare to leave. However, Hulk sees them trying to take off, and walks up to a tree a couple yards in front of them. He up roots the tree, but by this time the two men have started their motorcycles, and begin driving straight towards the Hulk. Hulk holds the tree horizontally, so that it sticks out, blocking the paths of the men. Both men run into the tree, and fly off of their motorcycles, landing on the ground in from of Hulk. The two men get up, and start quickly backing away front Hulk. Johnny, who has been witnessing his gang get dismantled by the Hulk, sees his chance now that Hulk is distracted, and runs towards his motorcycle to leave. However, Carl, who has by this time recovered, runs and dives on Johnny, tackling him off of his motorcycle. The Hulk approaches Carl and Johnny, and stares at the both of them on the ground. Before Hulk can act, everyone hears approaching police sirens, and the Hulk takes his cue, and leaves. As the police arrive to round up the gang, Hulk runs away through the woods.

Later, as David leaves town, Carl drives up beside him to say his goodbyes one last time. After they finish, David leaves.


  • David turns into the Hulk 2 times in this episode.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks