Appearing in "The Quiet Room"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dr. Morrow (Only appearance)[1]
  • Sam (Only appearance)[1]
  • Mark (Only appearance)[1]
  • Gene (Only appearance)[1]

Other Characters:

  • Houdini (Mr. Wilson) (Only appearance)[1]
  • Tom Vincent (Only appearance)[1]
  • Frankie (Only appearance)[1]




Synopsis for "The Quiet Room"

Under the name of "David Balland", David Banner has gotten a job at a mental institution. He converses with fellow employee Dr. Joyce Hill, and then she takes him to the recreation room. Inside, there are several patients hanging around. Several staff escort Houdini, a patient named Mr. Wilson who considers himself to be an escape artist extraordinaire, to his room. One patient, Kathy Allen, freaks out and overturns the TV inside the room. She then grabs a chair, and holds everyone back with it. The head of the institute , Dr. Morrow, finally calms Kathy down, and takes her to "The Quiet Room", a place where patients are put for temporary solitary confinement. David, Joyce, and Morrow escort her there. When Joyce leaves, Morrow takes David to his office. Inside his office, Morrow shows David some of the research he's been doing. He puts a tape into his TV, and they watch it. On the tape, it shows a patient, Tom Vincent, being told by Morrow to point a gun at another patient and pull the trigger. Tom does, but the gun isn't loaded. Morrow thanks Tom for his help, and tells him that he's on a breakthrough. Then, the tape ends. Morro explains to David that he's researching hypnosis, and David tells him that it's basically mind control. Morrow explains to David how valuable it would be, but David tells him that, in the wrong hands, it could be deadly. Realizing that David doesn't see it the way he does, and that David could potentially threaten his research, Morrow calls security. David realizes what's going on, and grabs the tape off of the table and runs out the back door. Two security personnel get there, and follow David out the back. Outside, in the courtyard, David flees through the woods, trying to get off the premises. Morrow spots him from a balcony, and sends the security after him. David realizes that the guards are closing in, and so, with nowhere to hide, he throws the tape into some bushes, hoping to retrieve it later. The men catch up to him, and one hits him over the head, and knocks him unconscious.

Later, David wakes up on a bed inside the institution, With Joyce and Morrow looking over him. Morrow tells Joyce that David had an outburst, and that he didn't realize how mentally unstable David was. Joyce and Morrow leave, and David, trussed up in a straightjacket, yells after Joyce that she needs to listen to him. They leave, and David attempts to get out of the straightjacket. He can't however, and falls off of the bed. Having had enough, David turns into the Hulk. The Hulk rips out of the jacket, and crashes through the window in his room. Hulk lands in the courtyard outside, and scares the patients hanging around outside. Hulk crashes through one of the brick walls, and leads a handful of patients through the hole. Unwittingly leading an escape, Hulk sits down on a bench, but the patients try to urge him on .Hulk begins his transformation, and the patients are astounded to see Hulk change into David Banner. Morrow and Joyce and a few other staff members catch up, and see the patients crowding around a shirtless, confused David.

Later, David is put inside "The Quiet Room", and heavily drugged. Barely able to stay conscious, David is powerless to do anything. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the building, "Houdini" sneaks past a staff member and get the keys to the room that David is in. Houdini unlocks David's room, and helps David out. He gets David to the door, and tells him that he can't come with him, because he would get lost outside. David runs outside, and finds the straightjacket delivery man, unloading his truck. He tells the man that he needs to help him. The man hides David in thwack of his truck and closes the door. Moments later, he opens the door, accompanied by Morrow, Joyce, and several other staff. They haul David back inside.

Later, from the window in his room, David sees one of the patients recover the missing tape from the bushes outside. Morrow sees the man, and asks him to hand it over. Joyce persuades him to give it to her, and she hands it over to Morrow. Morrow takes Joyce inside, and shows her the tape in his office. She tells him that she agrees with him, and that she supports his research. She then leaves to administer David's drug. Later, she goes to give David his shot, but purposely sticks it in the bed instead, but the security personnel don't notice. Realizing that Joyce is on his side, he watches her leave with the other men. When she leaves, David sits up, and starts to regain his composure. Meanwhile, Joyce tries to call the police to let them know about what morrow has been doing at the institute, but Morrow figures her out, and several staff grab her and take her to one of the operating rooms. While Morrow prepares to administer a fatal drug to Joyce, David sees what's going on from one of the screens inside his room. David calls the police, but all their lines are busy. As David can only watch, Morrow prepares to kill Joyce. Powerless to do anything, David tries to get out of the room, but the door is locked. With the mounting stress of the situation becoming too much, David loses control and unleashes the Hulk. Hulk crashes through wall after wall from one room to the next, before finally finding Morrow's room. Hulk tosses on of the security staff aside, and picks up Joyce. Hulk then kicks the operating table into Morrow, and it pins him against the wall. Hulk leaves, with Joyce in tow. After exiting the building, Hulk moves outside to the courtyard, still carrying Joyce. As more and more patients gather and follow Hulk, a staff member runs outside. Hulk hands Joyce off to the man, and breaks down the gates at the entrance to the building. As the police finally arrive, Hulk leaves. The man relates to the police what happened, and Joyce wakes up and gives her story. She turns to see a very bewildered Morrow, watching as his empire begins to crumble.

Later, David walks down a road, trying to hitchhike, once again having to desert another life he tried to build because of the Hulk.


  • David turns into Hulk 2 times in this episode.


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