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|Sub-Mariner Comics #35


In Atlantis, Namora warns the Sub-Mariner that the king's step-son Byrrah is trying to incite the people of Atlantis into a war with the surface world. With his people not having the firepower capable to go on a full scale war against the surface war, Namor goes to confront Byrrah over his plans. Byrrah is angered that the Sub-Mariner would stand in the way of his plans for conquest of the surface world and the two engage in a fight, however it is a fight that Namor easily wins.

In the aftermath of the battle Byrrah decides to come up with a means of starting a war with the surface world and blaming it on Namor. Swimming to the shores of South America, Byrrah fires a canister containing a message at a soldier on guard. The guard finds that it is a written warning, claiming to be from the Sub-Mariner, that an attack is to be launched against the surface. Byrrah then returns to Atlantis where he convinces Emperor Thakkor that he has seen the surface people amassing an impending attack on their kingdom. Disturbed by this, Thakorr agrees to allow Byrrah to form an army to attack the surface world. Soon Namor finds out and is shocked to see that his cousin Namora is among Byrrah's army. The Sub-Mariner swims off to try and find a means to stop the impending battle.

Meanwhile, the Atlanteans attack the shores of South America and the first wave of attacks prove in effective against the superior weapons of the surface dwellers who take Namora as a prisoner. Soon Betty Dean is called in for her expert advice on Namor. She is taken to Namora to question her as to why Namor is attacking the surface world. Namora, jealous of Betty decides to keep the lie alive to satisfy her own desire to be more favorable to the Sub-Mariner. While elsewhere another attack has begun and the Sub-Mariner has arrived to try to stop everyone from fighting. Namor is grazed by a bullet and then taken prisoner by the South American officials. Taken to Betty Dean, Namor insists that he has nothing to do with the attack and convinces the officials to allow him a chance to try and stop the attack.

The Sub-Mariner then swims to Byrrah's command ship and pretending to finally be siding with his step-brother, Namor sends them on a course for an ambush by surface forces. The Atlantean warriors are overpowered and are forced to retreat, while the South American's call a cease fire. Byrrah returns to Emperor Thakorr to inform him that his operation was a failure, Thakorr is furious at this loss, and even more angry when he learns that Namor helped lead his armies to defeat. While back on the surface, the Sub-Marine and Namora are released and they return home. There the Sub-Mariner is shocked to learn that the Emperor has ordered him exiled from his homeland.