30,000 years ago, a Native American man was somehow exposed to a massive dose of gamma radiation. The radiation caused the man to transform into a creature, similar to the Hulk. His ultimate fate remains unknown. However, stories about "The First Hunter" (as they came to call him), where passed down through generations, within the man's tribe.[1]

In 1979, an archeological dig unearthed a stone tablet of the creature. This attracted the attention of Dr. David Banner, hoping it would lead him to a cure and being curious about the other one.[1]


  • Like the Hulk, he was played by Lou Ferrigno.
  • The man's name was never established, onscreen or in the credits. Lone Wolf refers to him as "The First Hunter", but it's unknown if this is the name, the tribe gave the creature or just a term, used by Lone Wolf.

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