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The Amazing Spider-Girl Vol 1 16

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Appearing in "Broken Bonds"Edit

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Synopsis for "Broken Bonds"Edit

As May and Mary Jane prepare for school (it's Mary Jane's first day as a counselor at Midtown High. When May gets a moment with her father, she tells him that Benjy has shown some signs of developing spider-powers. They decide to not tell Mary Jane just yet because she has too many other things to worry about. On their walk to school, May's spider-senses go off. She doesn't want to worry her mother and since she's not detecting a huge danger, she doesn't try to locate the source.

Black Tarantula talks to Chesbro over the phone. It appears that Black Tarantula is the one that hired Deadspot to kill Spider-Girl. He says it's her own fault since she's messed with his business so many times.

At school, May continues to get buzzes from her spider-senses. Running into Gene, he tells her that he misses her and wishes they could get back together. This leaves May speechless.

Mindworm discovers that someone has offered Fancy Dan the secret Wilson Fisk files. Hobgoblin is outraged because Spider-Girl told him she destroyed the file. Hobgoblin calls Detective Drasco telling him he has to get a hold of the file for him. Drasco smiles since Spider-Girl trusted him with the files, thinking he was a completely honest cop.

Back at Midtown, May continues to feel as if she's getting stalked. Her cell phone goes off. Chesbro tells her her life is in danger and that an assassin is after her. Going to see him, Chesbro gives her a file on Deadspot. The file isn't too informative as Deadspot does not want a lot of information to be known. Spider-Girl leaves and Deadspot reveals herself to Chesbro. She demands the file and who his source is so she can deal with them. She says that he has become a liability to Black Tarantula also. Chesbro asks if she's going to kill him if she could tell him who hired her. As she's about to reveal the name, Spider-Girl returns by smashing through the window. Using her spider-senses, she is able to duck and hit Deadspot even when she uses her invisiblity.

Deadspot escapes and the stalker is revealed to have a Midtown High backpack.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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