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Quote1 I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right...yet to fail nonetheless. It's frightening. Turns the legs to jelly. I ask you; to what end? Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now, it's here. Or should I say...I am. Quote2
-- Thanos src

Thanos is an intergalactic conqueror. At some point in time, he became the ruler of the other-dimensional Chitauri race. In one instance, he murdered Gamora's family in front of her, and subsequently took her in as his "adopted" daughter, along with Nebula. He provided modifications to both Gamora and Nebula and trained them as assassins.[1] Gamora excelled in her training, while Nebula failed to live up to Thanos' standards. In a twisted attempt to make the two adopted sisters "equal," Thanos would tear a vital organ from Nebula and replace it with a cybernetic enhancement for every failure against Gamora. [2]

The Tesseract

He sought to find the Infinity Stones — ancient artifacts of immense power. He made a deal with the Asgardian Loki through his intermediary, the Other. Loki was to to acquire the Tesseract, one of the stones, in exchange for an army of Chitauri with which he could conquer Earth.

Thanos (Earth-199999) from Marvel's The Avengers 0002

Using the power of the Tesseract, Loki opened a wormhole in the sky of New York City, from which Thanos deployed the army of Chitauri warriors whom the Asgardian commanded in an attack. But Loki's plans failed when both the he and the Chitauri were beaten back by the Avengers, who redirected a nuclear missile through the wormhole and into the Chitauri base.

When the Other reported on the defeat, announcing that humans were too "unruly" and to try to conquer them would be to "court death," Thanos only grinned with anticipation of things to come.[3]

Ronan & the Orb

Thanos (Earth-199999), Ronan (Earth-199999), Nebula (Earth-199999), and Other (Earth-199999) from Guardians of the Galaxy (film) 0001

Ronan meets with Thanos regarding the Gem and Gamora.

After the Kree Empire and the Xandarian signed a peace treaty, ending their long war, the Kree extremist Ronan the Accuser and his battalion defected from the Kree army and attacked numerous Xandarian outposts. Thanos and Ronan made a deal, where Ronan would deliver him the mysterious Orb of Morag — which, unbeknownst to Ronan, contained another Infinity Stone — and Thanos would in return destroy Sanctuary, where the Kree laid out his grievances against Gamora's betrayal and killed The Other for demanding he show Thanos respect. Ronan accused Thanos of failing to take the matter seriously, to which Thanos replied that Ronan was the only thing he didn't take seriously, lambasting him for alienating Gamora and deriding him for being a "pouty child". He reiterated that he would continue to honor their agreement so long as Ronan retrieved the orb, but threatened to "bathe the star-ways in [his] blood" if he failed once more.

Ronan, having acquired the Orb, discovered its contents and decided to use the stone to destroy Xandar himself, turning against Thanos and threatening to come for him once Xandar was destroyed. Nebula, recalling her contempt for Thanos due to the torture she had been subjected to by his hand as a child, sided with Ronan and betrayed Thanos as well. Ronan's betrayal, however, ultimately resulted in him being killed by the newly-assembled Guardians of the Galaxy, Nebula's escape, and the stone being left in the custody of the Xandarian Nova Corps.[1]

The Gauntlet

Following Ronan's defeat, Thanos declared that he would have to do it himself[4], and forced the dwarf blacksmith Eitri to make a gauntlet powerful enough to harness all six Infinity Stones.[5]

Infinity War

At some point, Thanos succeeded in taking the Power Stone from the Nova Corps on Xandar.

Thanos, alongside his Black Order, discovers that the Tesseract is once again in Loki's possession and confronts the Sakaaran supercruiser, The Ark, which had been carrying Asgardian refugees who were travelling to Earth after the destruction of Asgard, with his spaceship Sanctuary II.[6]The ensuing conflict between the two vessels results in many Asgardian casualties, and leaves Thor severely wounded. Loki attempts to distract Thanos by surrendering the Tesseract in order to have the Hulk, who had been on board the supercruiser as well, surprise him. The fight is short lived, however, as Thanos easily overcomes the Hulk. Heimdall uses black magic to send the Hulk back to Earth as a warning, which results in Thanos killing Heimdall. Loki attempts to trick Thanos into letting his guard down by offering to join his Black Order, but Thanos sees through his deception and snaps his neck, killing him as well. Having acquired what he came for, Thanos sends his Black Order to Earth to retrieve the Time and Mind Stones, destroys the Ark, and leaves for Knowhere to retrieve the Reality Stone.

The Guardians of the Galaxy arrive on Knowhere to find Thanos interrogating the Collector about the Reality Stone's whereabouts. When Thanos spots them, the Guardians are forced to react, resulting in Gamora stabbing him in the throat and seemingly fatally wounding him. However, Thanos soon reveals that the entire interrogation had been an illusion created by the Reality Stone, as he anticipated their arrival. Gamora begs Peter Quill to kill her to prevent Thanos from taking her, while Thanos taunts him for being unable to do it. When Quill attempts to go through with the mercy killing, Thanos alters reality so that his gun fires bubbles and leaves with Gamora anyway.

Thanos takes Gamora back to the Sanctuary II and reveals that he has captured Nebula after a failed assassination attempt, and that he knows Gamora knows the whereabouts of the Soul Stone. Thanos uses Nebula as a means to get the information out of Gamora, and she reveals that the Stone is on Vormir.

At Vormir, Gamora and Thanos meet a stonekeeper who explains that the Soul Stone requires a sacrifice of a loved one; a "soul for a soul". Gamora laughs, claiming that the universe has judged Thanos and denied him what he wants as he could never love anything, but Thanos turns to her revealing that he loves her and cannot give up the stone. Gamora tries to kill herself to prevent Thanos from making his sacrifice, but Thanos uses the Reality Stone to destroy her blade. He then drags Gamora to the edge of a cliff and tosses her over it, subsequently being rewarded with the Soul Stone.

Thanos then travels to Titan, where he planned to meet his Black Order, but instead finds Doctor Strange, who confirms Thanos's suspicions that Ebony Maw had been killed. After a brief conversation, Thanos is attacked by Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Peter Quill, Drax, Mantis and Nebula, who had escaped Thanos' ship earlier. The heroes bind Thanos and Mantis uses her empathic powers to sedate him while Iron Man and Spider-Man attempt to remove the Infinity Gauntlet from his hand. The plan almost works, but the reveal that Thanos had killed Gamora sends Quill into a fit of rage, striking Thanos and inadvertently releasing him from Mantis's control. The ensuing battle nearly results in the death of Iron Man, prompting Strange to offer the Time Stone to spare his life, which Thanos accepts.

Thanos transports himself to Wakanda, where his armies are battling the Avengers. After Thanos easily defeats those who stand in his way, the Scarlet Witch reluctantly uses her powers to destroy the Mind Stone and Vision to prevent Thanos from completing the Gauntlet. Despite her efforts, Thanos merely uses the Time Stone to rewind time and resurrect Vision, repairing the stone with him. Thanos tears the stone from Vision's skull, killing him and completing the Gauntlet. With all six Infinity Stones, Thanos becomes all-powerful, but is briefly stopped by Thor, who wounds Thanos with his new weapon, Stormbreaker. Just as victory seems to within the heroes' grasp, Thanos remarks that Thor should have went for the head, and snaps his fingers. Thanos briefly finds himself in another realm with a young Gamora, who asks what his achievement cost, to which he replies "everything". In the real world, an enraged and confused Thor asks Thanos what he had done. Thanos merely smiles and retreats with the Space Stone. As half of all beings begin vanishing from existence; including Bucky Barnes, Falcon, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Groot, Drax, Mantis, Peter Quill, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man; Thanos watches a sunset on an unknown planet and smiles warmly, his mission complete.[5]


Deformed Titan Physiology Thanos is noted to be extremely powerful Titan, so much that he is able to strike fear in the hearts of all of his children and even Loki himself. He even showed no signs of fear upon being threatened by a Infinity Stone empowered Ronan.

  • Immortality: He is an extremely old being and has been called almost impossible to truly kill.
  • Superhuman Strength: He has tremendous amounts of bone and muscle power, which was seen to surpass the Hulk's extraordinary physical power and beat him into unconsciousness.
  • Superhuman Durability: His physical constitution is extremely durable, being able to wield the power of all the Infinity Stones and physically touch them without any damage or injury. He could even take on tremendous amounts of physical damage and still continued on with his mission.

Upon being empowered by the completed Infinity gauntlet, he gained supernatural dominion over reality.

  • Regenerative Healing: Upon activating the full Infinity Gauntlet, he was able to heal from his injuries instantly.
  • Time Manipulation: He was able to use his dominion over time to reverse the destruction of Vision and the Mind Stone.
  • Energy Manipulation: He was able to use his dominion over energy to create powerful energy blasts.
  • Illusion Conjuration: He used his dominion over reality to conjure up realistic physical illusions in order to project his memories or to trap his enemies.
  • Matter Transmutation: He was able to transform Star-Lord's blaster into a Bubble gun and even transformed Gamora's blade into a series of bubbles. He was able to transform an enraged Drax into broken blocks and Mantis into strings, though these transformations were temporary.
  • Death Inducement: Upon snapping his fingers, he was able to kill of half of the universe instantaneously, including the majority of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, without any difficulty.
  • Wormhole Creation He was able to instantly transport himself and others to any planet in the Universe by creating wormholes via the Space Stone.


  • Master Manipulator: He is able to orchestrate wars and invasions all for the Infinity Stones, so as to gain dominion over time, space, thought and reality.
  • Master Combatant: Thanos is a master combatant, as he easily defeated enraged Hulk in hand-to-hand fight.



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