Teutonia is a European nation whose geographical location has yet to be specified. In the 1940s the country was a dictatorship that sought global conquest. To this end, the Dictator of Teutonia sent a spy to the United States to steal an explosive formula created by Professor Winston. In order to deflect blame for the theft, the Dictator then sent one of his agents to meet with Winston and offer to purchase the formula. This made Winston suspicious and so he sought out the aid of Josh and Joel Williams the inventors of the rubber robot Flexo to investigate and recover the formula before Teutonia can utilize it as a weapon.

The brothers flew into the country and used Flexo to break into the the office of the dictator where they found the formula hidden in a safe. The pair were caught by guards and brought before the Dictator who ordered their execution by firing squad. They were rescued by Flexo. They then set the robot upon an armoured car carrying the formula to a weapons testing range. Flexo smashed the armoured car, killing the Dictator of Teutonia who was travelling inside, and the formula was recovered.

The fate of Teutonia following the death of their dictator remains unknown.


Dictator of Teutonia


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