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The Tēteoh (singular: Teōtl) are a race of supernatural beings worshiped as Gods by the Aztec people of ancient Central America. They were presumably spawned by the Demiurge in response to early man's subconscious need for gods.

The first Tēteoh were born to the primal beings Ometecuhtli and Omecíhuatl. The two ancient beings appointed Tezcatlipoca, god of darkness, the leader of the Tēteoh. He peopled ancient Mexico with brutal giants loyal only to him. This was the First Sun. It was destroyed by the wind and light god Quetzalcoatl, with monstrous jaguars. Quetzalcoatl created the Second Sun, which was destroyed by storms courtesy of a jealous Tezcatlipoca. The rain god, Tláloc and the water goddess Chalchiuhtlique created the Third and Fourth Suns, each meeting a grisly end as well. Finally, Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl put their infighting aside, and cooperated to create the Fifth Sun, which was populated by beings with free will, so no one god could command all of them. These people were created by Coatlicue, an aspect of Gaea, from the remains of the inhabitants of the previous Suns.

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Level of Technology: Magic
Representatives: Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopchtli Tláloc, Chalchiuhtlique, Xolotl, Ah Puch (Ahau) (Earth-616)], Xochiquetzal, Xipe Totec, Ozomatli


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In Marvel Universe, The god of music and dance is show as a human-sized ape at the name of Ozomatli, but in actual Aztec mythology, this role was given to Huehuecoyotl, an anthropomorphic red coyote. However, myth also said that Huehuecoyotl was a shapeshifter, so he and Ozomatli may likely be the same god on different form and name within Marvel Universe, but this relation (if any) has yet to be confirmed.

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