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Tessa's only known appearance saw her already in New York City (whether she was born there or had arrived at some previous point is unknown) where she came upon gang members recently released from Cloak's cloak. Bashing their heads in, she then drank their blood and turned into a bat, heading off in search of Cloak, whose power she sought.

In Central Park, she ran into Cloak and his partner Dagger, who were on patrol. Claiming to have been attacked by "some...thing" she sought their protection. Leading the pair into a church, she caused Dagger to fall into a trap, but Dagger escaped just as she was preparing to feast on Cloak. Quickly dispatching Dagger, Tessa hypnotized Cloak into unleashing his power, seeking to control him. As Cloak unleashed his power, she realized that he was too powerful to control, and the darkness that emanated from his cloak threatened to overwhelm her, but Dagger leaped to her rescue, convincing Cloak to leave Tessa alone. Angry over being used, Cloak threatened to absorb her into his cloak anyway, but was stopped by Dagger, who told him that he was better than that.

Tessa's current whereabouts are unknown.


Tessa had the conventional abilities of a vampire, including enhanced strength, the ability to turn into a bat, the ability to gather darkness around her, hypnotism

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