Tess is the daughter of Chance Walker. She sometimes brought food to her father and other loggers in her community. She was particularly interested when her father arrested and incarcerated Prince Namor. Namor had brainwashed at the time by Master Khan at the time and did not know his true identity.

Claiming to be bored with a lack of events in the town, Tess appeared to befriend Namor and offered to let him stay with her. Namor did so and became attracted to Tess. She soon revealed to him that she was part of an Eco-Terrorist group convinced him to aid her eco-terrorist group that was oppposed to the loggers who were ravaging their countryside. Tess was also mysteriously allied with another group that was paying her money on the side.

Namor joined with the eco-terrorists and attacked the loggers camp at night. Suddenly, and individual with a large harvesting machine emerged killing both loggers and eco-terrorists alike. Upon investigation, Namor found out it was his "friend" Tess who had betrayed him.



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