Quote1 I'm living psi-energy, Phil. A thought on the breeze, a notion in the wind. I wasn't there. I'm never there. Until I am. Quote2
-- Terry Jessup src

Ex-SAS Colonel Terry Jessup was exposed to a synthetic attempt at recreating the White Event by a top-secret government skunkwork project in order to boost his natural psychic talents, which derived from a connection with the Psi-Force. The experiment went too far, and Terrence was reduced to living as a non-physical creature,[2] existing exclusively as an invisible being of psi-energy, who can make other people see him if he wants to.[3]

Jessup became a member of Philip Vogt's Troubleshooters, a task force assigned with monitoring the Ultimates without their knowledge. He was sent to Boston to observe the behavior of the Ultimates during one of their missions, and showed concern for certain thoughts that were rounding in their minds.[3]


Psi-Energy Form: Terry Jessup doesn't have a physical body, and exists solely as an invisible "living thought." He is capable of accessing the thoughts of people. If he wants to, Terry can make other people see a representation of himself, like an apparition.[4] Jessup can use these abilities to intrude other people's minds and mentally restrain them, placing them in a "telepathic lockdown."[2]

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