An Autocron “holocaust specialist”, Ten-Thirtifor developed independent thought, which qualified as rebellion in his society, for which he was banished to Earth during its brief stint as a penal planet. He was among the small number of alien convicts that USAgent recruited to brak Ronan the Accuser's quarantine of Earth, and was present during the Earth's super-heroes' invasion of one of the Ruul's watchtowers in deep space.

Ten-Thirtifor remained on Earth after the Maximum Security event was over, attempting to summon an invasion fleet in the hopes of being reinstated. He was resisted by the Avengers Iron Man, Warbird, and the Vision, who managed to waylay him after a high-frequency sonic attack. Left unconscious by Warbird, he was soon after taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D.


Capable of firing energy blasts with his faceplate lifted


Weak to sonic weapons


Capable of communicating across interstellar distances

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