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Clarice Ferguson (Earth-295)


Teleportation is the movement of objects or elementary particles from one place to another, more or less instantaneously, without traveling through space.

With present techniques, "exact" quantum teleportation is possible only with photons and atoms. "Inexact" teleportation (where quantum states are not preserved), is possible by encoding information about an object, transmitting the information to another place, such as by radio or an electric signal, and creating a copy of the original object in the new location. Teleportation has also been proposed to explain various anomalous phenomena, and the concept has been widely used in science fiction.

Similar is apportation, an earlier word used to describe what today might be called teleportation; and bi-location, when something is said to occupy two places simultaneously. The word "teletransportation" (which simply expands Charles Fort's abbreviated term) was first employed by Derek Parfit as part of a thought exercise on identity.

Teleportation in the Marvel Universe is accomplished by a variety of means. One common method is to open a portal or hole in space and walk through it, appearing at the desired location. Another method, employed by Nightcrawler among others, is to bodily shift to another dimension with different physical laws, and then shift back out at the new location.

Known Teleporters

A full list of teleporters can be found here.

It is notable that, as for the telepaths, most of the teleporters are Mutants.

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