Ted Banning was an American counter-espionage agent after the end of World War II. He was sent to Buenos Aires to compile a list of escaped Nazi war criminals in 1946. Once he had completed his list he was on his way back to Washington D.C. when he was captured by agents working for a former Nazi named Rex. Ted's disappearance led to the United States government to send Miss America on a mission to rescue Ted and recover the list of escaped Nazis.[1]

While in the clutches of Rex Herr, Ted was shackled in the former Nazi's hideout while he sought to obtain a sun-ray formula, gloating that he would use the ray to take over the world.[2][3] However, Herr obtained a phony copy of the formula and captured Miss America making her prisoner along with Ted. When demanding the location of the formula, Herr threatened to torture Ted. Miss America then tricked Rex to seek out her alter-ego Madeline Joyce, hoping the wild goose chase would allow the two of them to escape. However, Miss America failed to free them and when Rex return he had his men tie the two up to a mining cart strapped with TNT and sent them speeding down a mine shaft to their doom.[4] Miss America freed herself from their bonds and pulled Ted to safety, but the resulting blast caused a minor cave in trapping them in the mine. The pair then dug their way out, and Miss America carried the exhausted Ted to safety while she went after Rex Herr and the formula.[5] Eventually Ted recovered enough to gather a number of American counter-espionage agents and followed a telegram sent by Miss America to the home of former Nazi general Eric Kesselwolfe, Rex's rival for the formula. They arrived and slaughtered Herr and Kesselwolfe's men in a gun battle and Rex and Kesselwolfe were soon captured and the sun-ray formula recovered.[6]

Ted's subsequent activities are unknown.


Ted carries a government issue firearm.

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