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When Tommy was five years old, his parents were arrested by the L.A.P.D. for operating a distillery during the Prohibition period on the location where his theater was located. Tommy was raised by a man named Hodges and scraped out a living as an extra in stage performances. Later he got a job in musicals but they soon went broke as well.

Finally, when his film studio was bought out and shut down by Richmond Industries and was slated to become a housing project, Tommy swore revenge on Kyle Richmond. He and Hodges contacted the Maggia, built or acquired a large number of humanoid robots, and used gas grenades to capture the Defenders. Binding them to a large set piece from one of his studio's failed musicals, he had the robots surround them and begin dancing while beating the Defenders with steel cane-bludgeons. The Defenders escaped, and fought the robots until Valkyrie knocked the robots' control device from Hodges' hands. Doctor Strange and the Hulk then defeated Tommy.[1]




Expert tap dancer with superb agility skilled swordsman

Strength level

Normal human with intensive exercise


A legion of tap-dancing robots as well as a larger robot used to attack the Hulk.


Steel cane with a retractable bladed tip sleeping gas grenades hidden in his top hat.

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